Offshore Nova Scotia

When is a windfall not a windfall? When at least some of the money may have been pre-spent. Numerous news stories over the past week have dutifully announced the spending spree by the Government of Nova Scotia. Most reports have used the government line that the money was a windfall. New money. No strings attached. While all the news articles talked about a recalculation of offshore royalties from past years, this is not the whole story. CTV was

Children in School

Maybe you think the fight Nova Scotia’s teachers are embroiled in with the provincial Liberal government is all about wages and service awards. Or maybe you see it as being about the burden of classroom issues impacting students. Regardless of which side you come down on, and or whether you support the government position, the union position, or something in between, the current labour dispute has highlighted something we should have recognized long ago. An education system premised on teachers

Signing of Tidal MOU

The first electrons of power flowed across the seabed in Nova Scotia’s Minas Basin recently delivering electricity to homes, from a giant instream tidal device. It’s planned to be the first of many such devices, covering multiple designs and arrays, to see if tidal energy can be made cost effective and safe. I hope it works. I want to be excited about it. Happy even.

Instead, it’s tainted by the dismissive attitude of Nova
Energy Towers

The Canadian Press published a story yesterday about Muskrat Falls which appeared in some version in most Nova Scotia media. Most of the headlines say Nova Scotia will be getting energy for next to nothing from the project. What should be the main concern to Nova Scotians however, is not found in the headline, but is buried a few paragraphs down the story where Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall reveals he is trying to renegotiate the deal – something which should