Andrew Younger: Delivering Solutions

Andrew has worked on projects across a wide range of sectors. His work and advice on public and government affairs strategies, international development and collaboration, organizational leadership, business development, and corporate responsibility has helped organizations grow and achieve their goals.

Andrew has specific sector experience in global energy and environmental policy, climate change, government institutions, international cooperation, and higher education.

Andrew is internationally recognized for his success in designing and leading engagement projects of all sizes. Andrew ensures engagement is genuine and results in meaningful dialogue with stakeholders.
Corporate Responsibility
It's not enough to say an organization behaves in a responsible manner. Its actions must speak for themselves. Corporate responsibility must match business practices. Andrew provides advice on corporate responsibility, and identifies gaps and risks.
Andrew Younger
Writing & Communications
Andrew's experience as an award-winning journalist and television producer, combined with his work designing and leading major communications initiatives makes him the ideal person to deliver your next communications or writing project.
Business Development
Andrew designs and leads government affairs, business development, and communication strategies that achieve results. He effectively identifies risks and offers solutions to mitigate them.
Andrew Younger
Drawing on practical experience, and having trained with some of the world's top people, Andrew delivers high quality leadership, media, and presentation training to individuals, organizations, and groups.
Speaking Engagements
Andrew is an engaging and in-demand speaker who has delivered keynotes and participated in panels on six continents.
Energy & Environment
Having been closely involved in international and national discussions on energy transition, and climate change policy, Andrew is ideally positioned to provide advice and project leadership in these sectors.
International Development
With experience working around the world, including health, communications, and micro-credit projects in West Africa, Andrew is a key resource for companies, NGOs, and governments seeking policy advice or on the ground support.

About Andrew

The Honourable Andrew Younger has spoken at meetings and conferences and led consulting and public affairs projects on six continents. With experience in government, the private sector, and with non-profits, Andrew is known for inspiring audiences and helping clients find solutions to complex problems.

Some of Andrew's Previous Clients